Daily Workouts for Beginners


Starting is going to be the hardest thing you do when it comes to increasing your health and fitness. We at FitBondz believe in you and just being here is taking the first step.

To help you, we will share our favourite beginner workouts each day so that you stay motivated and inspired to keep going at it. You don’t have to complete each class, but we recommend you try to do 3 to 4 a week. Over time you will build up muscle and fitness. One day, you will complete a workout easy and you won’t wipe the smile from your face – trust us.

Improving your health and fitness takes time. Just keep at it and eat healthy and you will be fine.

And remember if you are starting out, go your own pace. Try and do as much as you can, don’t worry if you can’t finish it. You are not expected to master it first go – just hang in there – you got this!

Workout Schedule